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E ZEE G has the power of the internet back and wants to ride, ride ,ride 15th Thursday evening Gypo corner 1800

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Come on you mugs get that MTB out and meet me for a spin round the woods.
If you don't turn up I don't give a monkey's coz I'm gonna ride anyway.
You know it.
Tell the family not to hassle you coz you ain't gonna be there.
They don't matter for 2 hours coz you are having some large me time.
Come on you mugs.
Tell it how it is, you're the boss and if they don't want to pay the mortgage this month they had better leave you alone to ride.
Come on you mugs, shove it all and ride your bike
G says it's that E ZEE

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i'm out tomorrow evening. Very Happy
But with a different group of riders. Sad
If you get no takers ring me as you more than welcome to join us. Smile

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Can't make it, daughter's pre-uni departure dinner thingy.

Have a good one

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