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"Bog Hogs" at the trough, 2011 Christmas Farrowing.

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Hi Guys

We were talking today and think in the interests of fair parity that we have an evening out in Canterbury this year.

The consensus was for an Indian meal followed by drinks in establishments of your choice.

Suggested dates are Friday 16h December or Saturday 17th December.

Please can you post your preferred dates a.s.a.p. and a venue for the meal of your persuasion.

I will be happy to book it but it is probably best to do it fairly quickly.

Henny is looking into a daytime ride or function of some description (any ideas would be appreciated please).

Once numbers are set I will book wherever is suggested and if applicable sort out the deposits etc.

I will kick off with a preference for Friday 16th Dec and Indian (recommendations please).

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Either date is good with me at the moment

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Im unsure.......She is bound to have something planned! But will come if am free.

Recommendation- Tulshe in Sea Street, Herne Bay. Good food and good price- take your own drink and no corkage drunken

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Cheers Crabbers

We were thinking of Canterbury as we did Herne Bay last year, but we do have an open mind if their are no Canterbury attendees or no one fancies Canterbury.

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The Friday night would be good for me as I will be in Canters all day.

The Kashmir is always good.

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I'm ok for either date, Indian sounds good.

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Cheers Guys

Really appreciate the feed (sic) back.

It looks like we should have a "Jolly good" time.

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It seems the general consensus in for Friday the 16th December at the Kashmir Indian in Place St aka the Kings Mile.

I think the list thus far is:

The Wolfster Smith
Dangerous (work allowing)
Slipper a probable

Please can you try and look at your diaries so I can try to get something booked up quick smart to avoid disappointment

E zzz G (I'm soooo tired been doing surveys for Bensons beds) Laughing

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you can count me in for Indian and christmas punch. i'll check with Craig ,etc to see whether their interested.

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Thanks DG much appreciated.

The cooler king aka The artist chap is in.

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might do. i'll confirm nearer if thats ok

would love to come along to the meal.... and have a lemonade or two Razz

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Great to have you on board Woodsie. bounce

This is how it looks

E zee Me
Dopple Ganger
Cooler King
and a possible celebrity appearance by Bazza

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Add Craig of the bay to the list

I will attempt a booking for tonight santa

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We're all booked in at the Kashmir Canterbury for Friday the 16th Dec at 2000hrs.

I have booked for 12 to 14 people.

I will re-confirm the week before.

I suggest we meet up in a hostelry of your choosing prior to the sit down time.

Luke will be in town after work so if i can keep the diary clear I intend to meet him nice and early for a few pre dinner beers.

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Nice one .

Bell and Crown for 7pm then Very Happy

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Sounds like a plan and I have a very large doggy bag for all those left over poppadoms and naan breads sic.

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