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Ride, Ride, Ride Saturday 10th December in the Morning

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Hello bograts.

Who's gonna ride on Saturday morning with me.

I'm not around Sunday so Saturday it is.

I'm E zee so road or woods I'm not bothered.

Could be a sea front spin to Westgate cafe on MTB's I really don't mind.

Get in first and you can call the shots.

Be part of the majority and ride as you like it.

I'm E zee Me



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I could be tempted out of the morning gym onto my bike any Saturday there is a bike trail on offer (along with anyone who knows vaguely where we are going) - but I am reliably informed that if we are seafront or anywhere exposed to the elements it is likely with the predicted continuing inclement weather, all will be swept out to Essex, or worse still, to Sheppey in the sea, bikes, hogs, happy smiles, the lot...
However, if sheltered & amongst the tall trees - I'm in... sunny

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Saturday looks to be bright and cold with a 9mph Easterly, but the air temp at 0900 will be 0 degrees, so risk of ice and frost, which makes road bikes fun but the recovery from the hilarious fall is not fun...
Personally I am favouring off road at the moment, a blast round the woods could be just the ticket.

Would suggest meeting at 0900 or 0930 as it is Saturday, December and dark in the morning Very Happy

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Going to give teh MTB a miss, again, but
all being well could probably do a road
ride next weekend! cheers

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Gypsy corner 0930?

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Oooooh - a lie in AND a bike ride. Heavenly. Esp after tonight's beer(s). Following Duff's detailed forcast I reckon it could even be above freezing by then Smile

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0930 at Gypsy it is, very civilised

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