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Carb Loading

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1 Carb Loading on Sun May 29, 2011 6:50 am


I been reading quite a bit recently about taking on more complex carbs in the lead up to events. I've not been able to find out (or understand) if you start carb loading the night before, several days before, or you have to maintain a steady intake of increasing carbs for weeks before the event?

I' know I got a big ride tomorrow, and i'm taking on some carbs as I type, but is too late and should i have started earlier today? Or maybe even starting several evenings ago with a regular amount?
I suppose the intake tonight could just be considered to be binge carbing and might negatively affect the 100 miles tomorrow..

2 Re: Carb Loading on Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:51 pm

I've just noticed this post and it is a very interesting topic of which I have some considerable experience of.

Binging on complex carbs is in fact very useful to you at the time but of no real purpose the following day.

It can in fact leave you feeling tired and washed out at best with reduced reaction times.

At worst you may suffer from intense headaches for up to 12 hours and in extreme cases vomiting may occur.

My suggestion is to take on these complex carbs a little and often, building up to larger amounts for events where your body has gained some immunity to these and the side effects are not so great.

It is probably best not to arrange too much for the following day after the binge but to keep an open diary and an empty sofa with plenty of Dave repeats.

An early full english breakfast is of great use if taken on board prior to the side effects.

Prof E zee Drunk

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